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Cellphone Repair Vancouver Fix All Devices, All Problems

Cellphone Repair Vancouver can help you in repairing your broken phone.

Almost 28% of Cellphone users in Vancouver continue using their broken screen or damaged phones even though they have harmed their fingers and ears by doing so. The only reason for tolerating the cracked phone screen seems to be that most users have the misconception that cell phone repairs are very expensive. But your phone was likely expensive, and the Smartphone Repair Centre is here for affordable Cellphone Repair Vancouver, so you can breathe new life into your smartphone with our quick fix. We are committed to helping our customers by repairing their devices, broken smartphones, or damaged screens at a very affordable price with premium quality products.

Backed by a team of highly trained and experienced technicians, we fix all the problems cell phone users usually face with their devices. Some of these include Cracked Screen, Unlocking, Battery Replacement & Charging, and Water Damage. We pride ourselves on repairing all devices and solving their problems – whether an iPhone, a smartphone, or a tablet.

We understand that tech gadgets play an essential role in your day-to-day routine in Vancouver. When they break or begin to act up, it seems like your life has come to a halt. That’s where we step into the picture! We inspect the problem with your valuable device and fix the issue with our skills and the latest tools. Smartphone Repair Centre Vancouver is a trusted name in the industry that will get you back to your schedule with your flawlessly repaired devices in no time.

If the glass/LCD is cracked, has a distorted image, no image, or is malfunctioning.
Most charging problems are related to your USB cable or charger
If the microphone doesn't work no matter what app you use
When a phone has only one main button, it can be pretty frustrating when that one button doesn't really work anymore
SpeakerYour earpiece speaker may be dead. When you put your phone in speaker mode it uses different speaker
If you are also facing SmartPhone camera black problem
There are plenty of alternatives to keep your device in a working state even with a broken power button
Your phone always notifies you that your battery is almost dead
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Our Concept

Get your device repaired in a perfect way.

Reasonable Price

If you find a lower every day or advertised price on identical repair or accessory currently offered at any local retail competitor’s stores we will match their price and beat them by 10% upon request.


We provide our Customers with 6 Months Warranty. Anything bought from us within 6 months [180 calendar days] can  repaired once again if  found to be defective. But it should not have any physical damage.

Premium products

We serve our customer with OEM parts at very affordable price. We believe that quality builds the trust with our customers.

Skillful engineers

We hired a team of engineers. Who are skilled, trained,,knowledgeable and cares about the customers satisfaction. Call Cellphone Repair Vancouver now!

Fast track Service

We know that your time is valuable thats is the reason we come up with fast track service in which we can repair your cell phone as quickly as you break. Most of the repairs can be done under 30 minutes.

5.0 star customer service

We provide 5 star customer service as we are very responsive with our customers on phone, email, and social media as well.  This is the reason our customers are rating us on google.

Cellphone repair Vancouver Advantages

We can Solve your Hardware and Software Problems

1 Year Warranty on ALL Repairs
We are fully stand behind their repairs with a 6 months warranty from the date of repair!
Premium Grade Parts
We only use premium grade parts to repair your devices which are sourced from manufacturers who provide the highest uality available on the market.
Over 20,000 Devices Repairs
Rest easy knowing that our technicians are fully certified and have repaired thousands of devices before yours!
Low Price Guarantee
Getting your device repaired shouldn’t break the bank. Our low price guarantee ensures that we always offer the best price to our customers.

Our Technicians are Ready to Fix Your Device!

From iPhones to iPads to the latest and greatest devices.


Our Testimonials

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Professionally Certified

Setting the industry standard for device repair, the cell phone and tablet repair expertise of every technician is ensured through Cell Phone Fix’s Certification program.

Rigorously Verified

Multiple interviews, background checks, and certification requirements guarantee we are the best at repairing your devices.

Completely Prepared

Rest assured that each repair made by your Cell Phone Fix is at a location of your choice and is also protected with our Lifetime Warranty.


499 Davie Street, V6B 2G2, Vancouver.BC.

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Mon-Sun: 10:00am-8:00pm

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